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Whatever your needs are,

Large Industrial Booth

or Small Open Face Bench Style,

We have what you need!

If you don't see it just call TOLL FREE 800-376-8723 and we will help you.


What ever your needs are, whether Large Industrial Booth or Small Open Face Bench Style, we have what you need.

Whether your operation uses water or solvent applied finishes, or dry pigments. we offer equipment that assures optimum finishes and maximum efficiency.  Standard finishing cabins for automotive, industrial and specialty applications can be viewed below.  Curing ovens, heated AMU's, spot drying and other process technologies designed to accelerate the drying speed of your finishes are integral parts of our product offering. 

If you don't see it just call TOLL FREE 800-376-8723 and we will help you.





Air Speed Off                                                    Air Speed                                                Air Speed On


  • Open Front Bench

    Open Front Bench

  • Industrial Enclosure

    Industrial Enclosure

  • EXpowder2


  • Classic Crossdraft

    Classic Crossdraft

  • Batch Powder

    Batch Powder

  • 500 Oven

    500 Oven

  • Colmet Booth

    Colmet Booth

  • Paint Mixing Room

    Paint Mixing Room

  • Open Front

    Open Front

  • Prepstation


  • Accudraft


  • Accudraft


  • Colmet Booths

    Colmet Booths

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