Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Whatever your needs are,

Large Industrial Booth

or Small Open Face Bench Style,

We have what you need!

If you don't see it just call TOLL FREE 800-376-8723 and we will help you.

Here are some of our services: 


• Filter Replacement
• Light Tube Replacement
• Seal Replacement
• Booth Parts
• Booth Design and Erection

• Fire Suppression/Nozzle Protection
• Flow Analysis
• Booth Caulking
• NESHAP Compliance Kits

• Plenum and Pit Cleaning
• Pressure Washing
• Duct Cleaning
• Booth Surface Coating
• Light Cover Overspray Protection






    Filtersource, Inc. routinely installs filters and repair parts on automotive, industrial, and specialty finishing equipment.
    Our Service division offers preventative maintenance programs specializing in filter replacement, energy conservation, regulatory compliance, flow performance, light enhancement, structural maintenance, combustion performance, and equipment installation.
    Routine filter service improves energy efficiency, finish quality, equipment life, and operator productivity.  Equipment inspection programs can detect a problem prior to failure or expensive component replacement. 


To set up your service schedule call our TOLL FREE line 1-888-376-8723    


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